Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Leopard for me

As culled from the New Features page.

Things I like:
  • Google Mapping of Address Book addresses
  • Automator
    • Automator UI improvements
    • UI recording and playback
    • New actions
  • Dashboard web clipping
  • Stacks (esp. Downloads stacking)
  • Icon preview and Quick Look
  • Improved iCal interface
  • iChat invisibility
    • RSS feed reading
    • Auto-detection of data
  • PDF manipulation and markup in Preview (I have programs that do this, but it would be nice for them to all be in the same place)
  • Spaces
  • Spotlight
    • Calculations
    • Advanced syntax
  • Time Machine
Things I don't like and/or am scared about:
  • The new dock design (the "shelf")
  • The new finder sidebar (reminds me of Windows)